Cheat Nitro F**ked up season

09/03/18 11:16
What changes were made to tournaments ?.. Maybe All us "Dummies" should just have our own guild tournaments and Boycott challenges for a whole week.... Let the cheating Irani guilds play each other.
Agree that NO MONEY given to scumbags cheat Nitro again until teams get compo !. BUT more chance of winning the lottery than getting the mongrels to admit they were wrong and compensate teams !
09/03/18 13:24
In a way compo wont work if everybody gets it then it just leaves everybody even & no doubt pushes up player etc prices as everybody has extra to spend so you really end up with nothing.

That may be OK for those who were mid table or lower but if you had a good shot at double promotion & now find you play the four toughest teams out of the 14 then you have just been stuffed while somebody else with little chance of going up could find themselves up against four whipping boys & will win the league by a mile

Another total muck up (or something like that) by sheet shytero
09/03/18 13:59
Totally right ShaunC, I had the same thought process, if everyone gets the same no-one gains ANYTHING.... I'm miffed about the packed players I have losing half a season credit... I wonder if they could turn the clock back a season or two for PROPER compensation... as spending REAL money and just getting some golden balls as compo isnt really compensating.... I'm just going to see what they say.... before I'll get "proper" advice!
09/03/18 19:35
Congratulations Sweet "Cheat" Nitro, you've really excelled this time you useless fucking idiots
09/03/18 20:21
MK Spurs

Now Now that's not nice even if it is true
09/03/18 20:40
My apologies for swearing, you are quite right, children also play this game I should know better. But I do like to swear, very occasionally, ...
09/03/18 20:48
Hey MK, I bet you said a few better words when Juventus won over Tottenham in champs league !

09/03/18 21:37
Oi! lol.
10/03/18 09:04
John Millwall :

Our league season have been shortened... So, that means our retiring players will retire sooner and all the gear we got from the sports shop will expire sooner.... Just hope people didnt buy stuff with real money.... if so they can start refunding people too!

I assume Sepp Blatter is now running Sweet Nitro!

The league season is 13 days starts on the 1st & ends on the 13tn this 4 game season ends on the 13th so you will not have players retire early & none of the sports shop stuff will expire either until when it would have.

Seasons always start on the 1st & 15th so with luck next season will at least start on time
11/03/18 05:48
Perhaps should just treat this 4 day season as a training/ practice run for the next real season. Don't use match bonus at all, play whole squad of players to get training points.
And maybe only run 10th to stay at previous level before the f**k up reset- then start back at original level and try to get top 3 in that season.
Maybe that's taking a dive or cheating, but we need to take any advantage that is possible against cheating Irani teams and sweet" cheat " nitro !