2D viewing

10/06/16 00:25
Since the latest round of naused up changes by the devs, and the pulling of those bloody arrows (!), one thing that bothers me is that when the ball is now kicked you have no '3d' view of it (ie, no shadow), so you have no idea where the pass is intended or going to land. It's like playing some old basic C64 game and whilst it doesn't affect anything directly, equally it doesn't make things any easier to watch....
10/06/16 05:44
something i want to say is about the GK,now he can kick the ball freely but even the opponents defender cant intercepte it, so we have a match only between goalkeepers lol...sincerely,it's so funny lol...it shoul be programmed kind of in the center,not too long
10/06/16 08:50
Yes, it would be nice to choose either by air or by land balls ... right now the attackers intercepts clearances from goalkeepers too easily (hence lots of players stack lots of players in the 18 yard box) ... if the clearance was done by air - there will be less 18 yard interceptions.