Get rid of "World Elite"

04/09/17 11:14
So what exactly did they do?
04/09/17 12:44
They was clever and blocked friends from playing there remaining games.. ive had it done many times to my guild but my motto is cant beat then join em.. just using the flaw in the game to their advantage
04/09/17 20:15
Insult people with names and you expect nothing to happen. The saying goes if you start playing with fire expect to get burned. Maybe next time you will think twice before insulting other people with names. So grow a pair of balls and take the loss like a man instead of a baby.
04/09/17 23:24
yep so not bothered MK goes and writes it all over the forum yeah really not bothered MK I can see that myself . Although I do wanna personally thankyou for giving me a laugh last night with your comments about our guild tacts it was satisfying to know it had annoyed you to that degree. Theres a saying in life what goes around comes around and well you met your match. Don't give what you can't take.

Also big thanks to will whale for the congrats there on the win
As for MK and Murica theres a thing called respect you might want to try earning some sometime before insulting players for no reason. Other than that my personal apology is to every other member other than Mk and Murica in friends for not being able to play two GC's
05/09/17 04:32
Spin it however you'd like but you're not fooling anyone. You were about to take a loss and couldn't stand to lose at the hands of mk spurs. I've got about 20 people who see it the same way. Cheaters gonna cheat.
05/09/17 05:18
We gave MK a masterclass in why you don't leave games till last hour cos people will lock you out part and parcel of the game you should be congratulating us for great tactical play not slating us on the forum it's not cheating didn't know there was a rule book it if you'd of thought of that you can't tell me you wouldn't of done the same like you had a problem with us before very clearly and well you have an even bigger one with us now you lost I can honestly say I have never ever deployed or asked my guild members to personally do that but purely just because or MK 's and Murcia's two of possibly the most rudest individuals I've come across and just general lack of general respect and disregard for anyone that's the sole reason what happened happened

look at yourselves before taking shots on another team would we really have been beat? not so sure really 22-19 up you would have had to rely on MK to get 2 from a choice of myself . illuminousity , v and MK lodz after that your best player was probs bandit and I think it'd of been a tall order up against 2 lads with 200 rated . I mean FCUK might have saved you on his day but he'd of had to have had some luck even you should admit that to yourself it'd of been close. I mean Flaxes , Loslav , Murica and BVB had all played so couldn't of helped you in anyway. I mean GC before that we beat you by a point you might have got a draw but beat I think your on planet lalala land anyway keep training and maybe if you spent as much time moaning as what you did training your team and giving out strats within your guild you'd be able to put us out of sight in GC's

05/09/17 12:36
Oh that's an old one the Iranians have used a lot. The way to counter it is when you cant play them click onto watch & at 85 mins click back & keep hitting the Challenge button it gives you about a 50/50 chance of playing them before they can start another friendly just dont leave it until the last 10 mins give yourself at least 30 mins & you are bound to get your games in.
05/09/17 13:12
I've never had any bad blood against "World Elite", but tbh.... dirty tactics is just plain bad sportsmanship... win or lose like a man... I'd rather lose 100 - nil through being just crap, than the opposition cheating... I would have thought better of you Ashley tbh.

Yes, the name calling can be tedious/annoying but "tanking" IS part of sports tactics but bigger oppo's just use their nouse (sticks and stones etc)

I thought it was only the Iranians that bastardised this game... we Brits are better than that!

Lets keep it clean guys!