finished second on level 1 championship and still level 1

29/03/16 13:48
i finished second on my championship and when i entered now i am in another level 1 championship with all the matches played but last one.
shouldn`t i be advanced to level 3?????wtf is this????
29/03/16 14:03
Raise a support ticket if you think it's incorrect, but the new season has not started yet, so your level will not have changed yet.
29/03/16 14:22
ok,i get that...but why am i entered in an another championship?to play for what?just to get my players tired or risk injuries?
30/03/16 00:07
I have the same bug
30/03/16 01:45
i raised a ticket and got a response from them...thursday the new championships will be generated and until then,from what i can see,i do not matter in this matches are not taking int account and everithing else that results from that....
31/03/16 13:37
28/04/16 22:14