Passing distance max resets to 20m

05/07/16 18:35

I've played around with a couple of strategies and on the majority of them my passing distance resets to 20m.

On the strategies where my passing distance is set to 40m it seems to stick.

I've had other players complain about the same.

11/07/16 01:15
Having the same problem with passing resetting to 20m.
11/07/16 15:25
Sorry for the trouble, we will fix the problem quickly.
12/07/16 20:28
Any update on this as it's still happening to me and my guild mates, so I have to manually change it as the match is starting. if I miss being online at the start of a match it's reset which really does affect how I trying play. just don't fancy starting the new season thinking its fixed and it ballsing me up
26/07/16 07:21
Still happening, any chance it could be fixed?