More training matches

26/09/16 23:04
Please, please, please Sublinet can we have more training matches available. It's frustrating when you have to wait several hours for new teams to appear in thetraining matches section. If you are going to insist on us having to win 5 matches to regain fans after a loss at least provide the opportunity to do so!
27/09/16 06:16
There are enough training matches to recover from 1 loss per day if you go above 142k fans...basically they don't want to make it so everyone has max fans. They are using it as a way to base the top players from so simply put stop losing so much if you want to have more fans
03/10/16 23:21
Thank you for that helpful comment kiwi. I don't always lose as insinuated by you, in fact I am normally promoted every championship and usually get to quarters or semis of tournaments. The fact is that it is not just 1 championship match but tournaments and gvg matches where teams play you with full MB. I am increasing fans but painfully slowly and not helped by the lack of training matches available.
03/10/16 23:26
I think what he meant is that that's kind of the point to it, it's not supposed to be easy to Max fans when over 142k and when you go under it goes back to normal. Hence the same amount of matches and bigger losses than gains
04/10/16 03:27
What level is your team Michael?
13/10/16 20:10
level 25. Going into 26.