Has the game run it's course?

13/10/16 17:52
I'm sorry to say that I think that this game has finally run it's course for me. It's no longer about strategy it's guessing if someone is going to use match boost against you. It's no longer about building a team and training up players because people just buy in a team of super kids now. It's no longer about playing new and exciting opposition because in the top league you play the same people all the time. You can barely even trade in the auction house as thanks to the "one time offers" the RP inflation has made all but the most average players very very difficult to buy (even the older tried and tested trading methods don't work as well now). The only thing that is good about this game is the banter and camaraderie within the guild I have been very very fortunate to be in. I feel sorry for people starting out in this game now as the way it's structured, no matter how good you are you will spend almost 2 years trying to get to the top, all the time your leagues will be littered with teams like mine who no longer participate and generally degrade.

This game was really good fun for a while, genuinely interesting and the first time I'd seen an actual functioning rugby manager simulation too. It has bags of potential but I'm afraid this just seems to be going to waste as all Sublinet seem to care about is cash in their pockets.

I do hope that there is a Rugby Manager 3 in development and if there is I will gladly join it although given that there was 3 years between RM 1 and 2 which only came out a year ago I'm not going to hold my breath.

Good luck to everyone, I hope you find a guild with as interesting and lively people as International Lions and can people give me a shout if there are any good tactical changes to the game.
13/10/16 18:09
Yet another top tier guy leaving and I must say I'm gutted. I'm 2 seasons from finally being able to test myself against the top division guys, and was hoping that the true top end who don't use MB would still be there for me to test myself against. Seems it's a leaving in masses thing the last couple of months, so it's becoming such an anti climax after months of hard work trying to be tactically the best

Hope you find something to stay, or that they make changes that'll encourage you to come back bud
13/10/16 18:25
Cheers Croxton, you are exactly the sort of person who in my opinion is let down by the way the league / game is structured - just because you happened to download it a month or two after me you've always been playing catch up... You should have been up against myself, taff, cayden, BB etc (and there are many many other good teams who I could include here - you know who you are) for months now, but instead you are stuck working your way through the endless leagues.

Rugby players don't get 5% faster each season in real life so why should they here and I also question why people would want to start with this game now - they are so far behind it's a joke! (and they could be better than all us "top" players put together but we will never find out). Sad really.
13/10/16 18:45
Maybe a change of scenery would help? I've heard that this croxton guy has a great guild that is still finding a lot of fun in different areas. They also have the pride to stay mb free.

Another possible solution to mb i have thought about, maybe every team has say 75% total mb they can use in all matches combined and they have to decide which matches to use them in. That way there is some strategy for those of us that find joy in that, those that can't win without mb (i believe they are called french) can still have some mb, and those of us that want mb gone have some satisfaction that it is greatly reduced.
13/10/16 19:04
I'll hang on until you're at 100% then I'll go for a replay bud. Currently there's 4 leagues and around 19 levels I'm down in strategy buildings on you (closing fast finally) but taking that into account if I can keep it below 35-40 I'll be happy as you're way above and have the equivalent of 8.5% MB on me
13/10/16 19:59
It has nothing to do with the guild we are in. As stated by Els, we have been in an amazing guild in International Lions. The reason we have stayed as long as we have is because of great people that have been and still are there.

It just now has become the time where the game isn't the same anymore and its time to call it a day.

Thanks to all the good sorts that I have had contact with and played against. Good luck to everyone carrying on with the game.
13/10/16 19:59
13/10/16 20:16
Monks knows that, he was just cheekily trying to promote our place so you guys remember us when we get up there lol

So close to keeping it to the 35, and was OK for the first 20 minutes too. Cheers El's, hopefully can try again tomorrow after 2 of my strategies upgrade and see again
13/10/16 20:31
I look forward to it Croxton!!
13/10/16 20:47
Ironically, they're now bringing in a training academy it seems. There's hope yet after all!