25/05/17 18:05
Which strategy is the most important, the main one, or the individual player strategy.
25/05/17 19:46
They are equally important. You can have the greatest team strategy in the world but if your individual strat is buggered it will be useless and vice versa.
25/05/17 20:42
Cheers thanks for that, I have a good team, but I think I'm buggered.
25/05/17 20:50
So have they got to be the the same settings then to get your team playing well.
25/05/17 21:37
No, often team and individual strat are actually quite different. The combination works different based on each strat. If I have personal rhythm at 50 and team at 80 there are strengths and weakness and reversing the two will change some of those. This is a complex game and it takes a lot of time and thinking and effort (usually as a guild) to find optimal strats. Also, a strat that can beat rucking broncos might lose to taff and taff might then lose to broncos for instance. There are so many interactions and it is what has kept us addicted and coming back even when we want out. From an addiction recovery angle the game makes have done horrible or excellent work, depending on perspective, making the game eejitimately addictive
25/05/17 21:56
thanks so much for that, but you are correct if I choose a passing game my players throw stupid little passes and pass to no one and someone picks the ball and scores a try. I just cannot get a decent game strategy, it's doing my head in and just want to delete it.
25/05/17 23:43
That could be to do with your players not trained in right areas and pass speed keeping trying different settings you will come across a decent setup the more you tweak things
26/05/17 12:11
Best advice is play heaps of friendlies against guild mates as u can play lots of games against the same opponet and tweak ur strat one option at a time to see what effect it has as said it takes time and effort and what works against one team might not against another but u should find a strat that will give u more wins than games u lose
26/05/17 14:01
Totally agree "I need new socks". Lot's of In-Guild friendlies and In-Guild tournaments are the best way to test various strategies and player settings. A lot of us in our Guild actually prefer playing In-Guild to Challenges. You can get some surprising results also depending on strats and individual player settings. One I found recently was very successful against higher rated teams but it was too boring watching my forwards pass the ball around in circles for over half the game lol.