Editing players names

24/06/17 03:46
Is there any chance we could edit our own players names? Would be great to make your own Kiwi,English, Irish, welsh, Scottish,etc player selections, naming your favourite players or who you think is inform etc

Even if it ment paying bank money or using gold, I wouldn't mind paying gold to create my own personised team

24/06/17 16:19
Nice idea but not going to happen. They are more likely to get us to spend Gold Balls on that, if they ever implement it, just like they have with the waste of time that allows you to change Players Designations.
24/06/17 16:59
It's been discussed before, the risk of people getting a bit too creative and uncensored is a bit too high
24/06/17 17:46
The concern once again is the other children and children and people going farther than some would like. I would like to name my players, or even when a player is purchased you could select na me and position from an approved list to prevent the other children harming the children?
24/06/17 23:08
I would much prefer they sort the Auction House and start providing decent, not necessarily top notch, but decent players in all positions rather than purely cosmetic changes as are being mooted here.
24/06/17 23:31
To quote ABBA, money money money money......MONEEEEEY!
25/06/17 01:17
Guys don't complain please, u have already english names at least...
25/06/17 03:42
I would name all my players bob
25/06/17 05:03
It would make it a hell of a lot easy to remember where & what positions they players go in
25/06/17 05:46
If I could chose position for max players they would all be props.