Sons of War

17/09/17 18:26
Sons of War, formerly team black monks prior to their disgraceful Loss to super power team gb, feeder clan to BIA is recruiting. Take this time to meet the formerly decentish alleged rugby player Rhino, space is limited.
17/09/17 18:41
I know someone who know's someone etc etc. and allegedly Rhino did indeed say he was a top player back in the day!
17/09/17 18:46
Was he nominated to be in the world's top 15... and could 'he walk this world like a god' like what Charles Martin claimed?
17/09/17 19:08
Dragon blade :

Was he nominated to be in the world's top 15... and could 'he walk this world like a god' like what Charles Martin claimed?

DB you could be right on that..........I also heard he was going to right a book based on his experiences as a top top top player, I think it was called "My Struggle" and was going to be available at all good book shops. Ah wait maybe not "my struggle" as I think there may have been copyright issues with that one but you get my drift!
17/09/17 19:19
Faz - too true buddie. I am reliable informed by my American friends that Charles Martin went 'mad' after his defeat to Joshua and got heavily into drugs. Feel v sorry for the poor man's 'struggle'
17/09/17 19:28
DB I assume that the quote "walk on this earth like a god" was from Charles Martin the Boxer? I only ask because I know someone who works at our local branch of Morrison's on the deli counter. He normally spouts a lot about the price of ham/coleslaw etc but in truth I've never heard him talking about walking like a god. if he did it must be a bit of a let down not being at least a section superviser but hey ho!
17/09/17 19:39
It is from Charles Martin the boxer. I was chatting to a guy at the co-op today who was carefully stacking shelves... he apparently has 4 masters degrees and lots of letters after his name and was shortlisted back in the day to play for New Zealand but Dan Carter was only just better than him...
17/09/17 19:44
I met a guy at the store, he was a little odd. He kept stalking this girl that smiled at him one time. The girl turned around and asked him to stop stalking her and he began to cry and say that he was a victim of vicious bullying. That guy kept following the girl everywhere she went and kept crying because she was such a bully to him. Poor poor victim couldn't stand the thought that maybe he was at fault. Every time the girl would go on a date the poor guy would sit down at the table and make every conversation about him even after the girl and every guy he dated had asked him to stop and leave.
17/09/17 19:46
But back to the topic, a real guild is recruiting. Sorry to all those champ level 4 players, you won't be able to join for a few years. Must be this talk to ride the sons of war roller coaster
17/09/17 19:52
Yeeeaaaah... I'll have the peanut butter from the top shelf please lad... and stay off the...