Training Game Fans

14/11/20 09:38
We all know that we receive 1,000 fans + cash etc when we instigate a training game and win. We don't get any reward though if someone challenges us and we win.

Can't the team challenged also receive 1,000 fans if they win?

06/12/20 11:57
This is an old subject and one that has been raised with Sweet Nitro before.

Their position is that you play for rank.

You get a reward of fans if your rank improves as the result of the challenge (you win). If you lose then your rank stays the same and so do your fans. If you are challenged and you win then your rank stays the same and so do your fans. The current system is logical in that context.

There is also a problem that teams may become reluctant to challenge unless they are fairly certain to win. This would tend to discourage overall ranking activity.

Nobody is particularly happy with the system but no one has come up with an idea that really improves it without causing other problems.
08/12/20 07:53
Thank you for the feedback Blaidd.

I fully accept you play for rank but surely there should be an element of risk in a challenge based on a "no pain, no gain" scenario?

I would also say that some teams are often already reluctant to challenge, due to the fact that if you are fairly successful, you can be become a "target" This means that you potentially lose fans dramatically. You may well have to defend your position against a number of teams with no reward even if you were to win some.

It could in fact encourage teams to have very different attacking/defensive tactics in place for training games.