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04/09/17 00:04
I bought one for that GC specifically cos we don't like the way you've personally abused many of our members anything from V for virginity to Ashley bignose cock your nothing but a disgusting rude man who needs to seriously grow up some children have better politeness in them than that of yourself and certainly have more respect for other humans

and I think the fact you lost 5 members speaks for itself really. anyway not gunna argue about this .
04/09/17 00:32
We only bait you, for obvious reasons because you always bite lol... If VvV aka V for Vendetta got upset being called V for Virginity, well lol, pmsl even more


04/09/17 01:21
Excuse MK's language but I get his frustration. I lead the guild during that GC and I may tell you what was done by world elite was abominable; if you don't wish to play then find another game, don't destroy it for those who do
04/09/17 01:35
world elite sound like cowards why would u not want to play?
04/09/17 04:52
it's a bit of an unhealthy rivalry Guest me and most of the guild have a personal dislike towards MK mainly for the lack of a respect with the continuous name calling. Murica didn't help either tbh longchonz utd thanks for that one . I actually feel sorry for people like notorious one of the few who seem to have a basic level of general manners and respect for other players who play the game within friends Kudos to you man for not escalating our very clear dislike, indicted by both the tactics we used and the fact I was willing to spend which I wouldn't have done had it of been any other guild on the game, Trust me I hate to spend especially when it's my own money but to beat friends I was prepared to spend a lot more than just £10 which is what I spent.
04/09/17 11:23
Going back to the original theme John as I said above it seems to be a new version of Firefox problem it kept happening to me & I had to keep redoing it in the end I found that my Kaspersky security kept overriding me & reinstalling the new version of Firefox so you may also find that your internet security is overriding you & you will need to do what I did & stop it from reinstalling it
05/09/17 13:02
Thanks Shaun... I've stopped using Firefox all together and back on track... cheers mate
07/09/17 14:16
OK Millwall I'm sure firefox will fix it try them in about 10 days it should be done by then
16/04/18 06:01
16/04/18 17:58
this was a long time ago gregory mate when Mk was leader at friends who now aint a guild