Solution to Teams 'holding' ball.

07/08/18 19:21
Title should have question-mark.
If you come across a team that just passes ball between players and you can't get it back, the solution seems very simple.

I have played 2 teams recently, employing this tactic, it worked in both cases. Look at your nearest player and raise his aggression to max. He will then commit a foul, resulting in an opposition free-kick, but at least you break the cycle.
I'm not sure whether you need a break in the game for the agg to kick in, but it worked for me.

Game v Maji Abbasi CR7 (07/08 - 1707) 4-0 30 mins in. Guild - Kurdistan Iran
09/08/18 16:24
Thank you Jack. I think you’re about to have a really good GC against American Outlaws...
10/08/18 09:45
My teams have been saying, not only are you strong, but tactically good too. We need another 3 or 4 seasons to get close.
I think some may miss, because of mass protests against the Regime. Something you don't see on the 'news'. (I wonder why?)
All the best......

ps. I have noticed some of the games you play are 'buggy' Is it a problem with the server? Have you informed SN about it?
10/08/18 17:56
Hmm. Is there a game or two you could point to that I could look at? I haven’t noticed what I would call a bug, simply a propensity for Sublinet to try and balance things.
By the way you were supposed to be Barcelona, some of our guys didn’t get the memo.
Also impressed by your two tactics you used in friendliest before your matches. I’m going to try and build on those over the next few weeks.
Overall really impressed by your guild performance. You guys punched above your level. You’re going to be scary in a couple of seasons. Hoping we have you in an English speaking guild by then...
10/08/18 18:58
Thx for the compliment of the Guild, I will pass it on.
Take a look at a couple of games - Barcelona v. Bandits/Zeke.
You guys are very good (inc yourself). Strong with good tactics.
For myself, I'm flitting between 8 or 9 formations, to get down to 2 which hopefully will suit all 'occasions'. I will be slightly worse next year, due to players retiring. I hope I will be a force to be reckoned with in 4 or 5 seasons. As long as I get 2 level promotions, I'll be happy.
I can't see me leaving my Guild for a long time, the guys are a joy to work with. 4 or 5 play at LEAST an average of 8hrs a day. I love that level of commitment!
All the best......