Ping Pong Football

24/09/18 03:28
Let's face it, the "top" Iranian teams are the best in playing ping pong as they do not know the meaning of football. lol

Long balls from their half of the field to opponents' penalty box? What nonsense and stupidness is this? Hahahaha!!!

This game is a big joke now!
24/09/18 09:41
Totally agree they have no idea about football unfortunately this games programmers are the same which is why sadly the tactic can & often does work
24/09/18 22:21
i just play them back at there own game me two can play that game
26/09/18 04:13
Yea it is pretty frustrating. Anyone tho can make long ball from their half to the opponent half. But its common for the iranians. Clearly most of them especially the cheaters do not know the meaning of football as You and Shaun stated
26/09/18 18:06
Maybe fada623, our elusive Admin, can answer our queries as to why Nitro has not created a ping ping game especially for the Iranian market?

Btw, fada623, without wishing to sound rude, what's your team name and where are you from? France or Iran?

Thank you
26/09/18 19:17
How about USA? Take a look at my recent friendly against CNY Utd. (Leader of Outlaws)
Lvl 79 v my lvl 72.
27/09/18 00:41
I just watched the game. His D's kick it to the net hoping to get a rebound. Is that a "shady" tactic? I don't know cause I know shit about soccer, but seem to beat many teams I expect is their only sport they follow.... weird.

Jammin Giants, American Outlaws
27/09/18 01:10
So your a high presser, I remember someone hear calling that a shady tactic also.... again weird. LOL
27/09/18 01:32
Hi Jammin,
can you can point to anywhere on this Forum where I have called ANY tactic 'shady'? (If you're referring to me).
Players' can play the game how they want, as far as I'm concerned. I was just responding to posts made above, as many teams, from many nations use the 'long ball'.
I have had to adapt my game to 'high pressing' to be able to defend this style of play relatively successfully.
Maybe I was wrong to point out CNY's level, no offence was meant, as I was trying to put across the fact that it is easily defended against teams that will be at a similar level. If I have offended, I apologise.
Please send my regards to 'Bandits'. He has a good team.
27/09/18 02:26
I wasn't referring to you personally calling a tactic shady, just the impression I got from your post. I will defend my guild mates if I think they have been called out.
Might have to adopt the "high press" as I see more and more teams doing it. I notice my attackers don't go where told and just hang out next to where ever the D's are positioned.