Goal keeper exploit.

28/09/18 16:20
Have noticed a recent trend of players having 10 goalkeepers in their team. As goalkeepers are cheaper to train than other positions this is a clear exploit of existing game mechanics and in my view needs sorted ASAP. Can we please have something done about this issue ?
28/09/18 17:41
Really not seen that normally Goalkeepers are lower rated than outfield players so I amazed it works
28/09/18 18:34
Hi Soapbar,
the positions are merely a guide of where to place a player, it's the stats that count. I play a GK in central defence, because his stats are better than my other defenders.
Cheaper to train? You mean more training points are attributed to GK?
It works like this - The higher the *rating of the player, the less training points are awarded.