15/10/15 00:54
Not sure if this should be here or in ideas but here it is.
Obviously this is a copy of the football manager game however the colours of the player icons are in the wrong groupings, someone who knows about rugby has been involved at some point so perhaps these could be reset,
9-10, 12-13=green
It doesnt seem like a big change to make so can this be done?
20/10/15 03:12
Fully agree but i think it should be more like
1 2 3 4 5 Red
6 7 8 Orange
9 10 Yellow
12 13 Green
11 14 15 Blue
20/10/15 15:46
Does any of this really matter?
20/10/15 23:28
It's because they've copied their football management game. The full back is the goal keeper and the other colours are for defence, midfield and attack. It's probably meaningless in RM, but these sorts of defects look very amateurish. I played the old version of the game for 3+ years and they didn't fix any bugs. I doubt they'll fix them now either.