Please could you sort the tournament out

16/01/16 00:09
The tournament is stuck. If I try and leave it just tells me I cant because theres an ongoing tournament. What do I do? Please advise ..... or alternatively completely ignore like you do most of the reporting of bugs/issues on here
16/01/16 00:22
my tournament is stuck, as well, and cannot play any matches at all.
16/01/16 00:33
Les tournois sont bloqués.
Dans match en cours, on constate que des équipes jouent contre elles même! Soit il s'agit d'un bug général, soit d'un hack
16/01/16 02:35
please consider compensating those that lost time to their competitors. this is the 2nd time this has happened to me. please.
16/01/16 06:15
Please sort this out. Really growing tired if theses issues and losing interest
16/01/16 06:16
Compensation would be nice I've lost so much money and training points with the issues over the last 1-2 week's
16/01/16 08:41
same issue for me, cant leave and cant play any other games
16/01/16 08:44
Yes my game also stuck
16/01/16 08:54
Plus 1, Co e on guys sort it out, great game , would be better with bugs sorted.
16/01/16 09:30
This is beyond a joke. This same bug keeps happening over and over again - it's obviously not being fixed at source.