12/01/17 00:42
Dear Sublinet-
Woke up this morning and tried to sign in, as per usual.
It appears as though my long-standing method of signing in with my email address is no longer an option, and only through Facebook?
I haven't used FB in over a year, I hope this doesn't mean the end of Whitewall RFC of Lomu's Legends.
Please allow non-FB users to play the game.
Thank you,
12/01/17 03:30
It works now, thanks!
12/01/17 16:36
Same here
12/01/17 17:02
I don't have a Facebook account and can't see an option to sign in except via FB?
14/01/17 20:13
Guest DXII13 :

Same here

Still no answer on my support ticket. I haven't been able to log in for days.