13/01/17 17:19
And it was the comment about the mods being tools of the superguild that I believe was the straw
13/01/17 17:20
Wolfenbüttel RFC :

No doubt I will get accused of being Caernarfon's alter ego again, or be "muted" by the Moderators for saying something that they don't agree with (irrespective to the fact that they are meant to remain impartial), but I find this 12 month ban a little unjustified. Someone started a thread about him, made some pretty unsavoury comments to which he objected to, it was resolved between the two of them, yet the guy who was on the receiving end of the comments gets a 12 month ban....??

You guys have either really taken a disliking to him and have just been looking for an excuse to ban him, or you genuinely are power tripping Nazi's.

Either way, it just reinforces my opinion that this is fast becoming a jolly boys forum and if you're not in one of the guilds that blatantly flout the unwritten rules of rugby, then the Moderators will take a disliking to you, edit or delete any posts that may put them or their pals in a bad light, or just ban people for voicing their opinion.

If I or anyone else were to say that the Moderators were the hepatitis of this game I'm sure it wouldn't be brushed under the carpet so easily, and that is by no means as offensive and life destroying as cancer.

I eagerly await the accusations that I am Caernarfon, and for my comments to be censored before this post is locked and therefor disappears of the radar.

Poor show, Carshalton.

Dealt with as appropriate.
13/01/17 17:37
Carshalton Colts :

The Man from Delmonte :

Mod, my edits where merely typos on account of typing on a phone. I can e mail you the full tramscript if needed? But it would serve no purpose as you would not take any action as it does not involve the 3/4 persons you moderate against. You have shown yourself for what you are. I accept Els apology though, and now wouldnt want him punished.

You just cannot help yourself can you? How many chances are we meant to give you to behave like an adult and stop making unfounded allegations and insinuations against other members in general and the moderating staff in particular. If anything the sideways comments and snide remarks are worse than just saying it out loud.

You have had enough chances. I am just glad that the majority of active members on the forum support what we as mods try and achieve to make this a 'nice' place for all members regardless of whatever persuasion and particularly age.

Muted 12 months. Enough is enough.

Damn that's almost enough to tempt me out of retirement but I was going anyway and a deal is a deal