So long and farewell from Coach qBaLL

17/02/17 20:53
Monks - I do miss you guys and I will be back! Tell Rhino to strap on a pair and build his new team.

Caern - It's easy to be nice when you have a team for the next 10 seasons, but don't sell yourself out, it's boring.
17/02/17 21:26
The Man from Delmonte :

Guys, I can confirm what Black Monks has said. I think everyone knows the truth now. Lets draw a line, and be NICE to each other. Its NICE TO BE NICE

Lets get united to put some pressure on the developers now to make the game interesting. We are losing legends left right left and centre. Not many of us lot who began the game still at the top now.

We have rivalries, but respect to the likes of Blumooners, Taff, Wizz, Cayden, Dave, to name a few and remain at the pinnacle of the game. Lets not lose anymore.

Guess this doesn't deserve an antagonistic response. Must have too much truth. And I want to demand that cayden have one strat building removed, he is too good on an even playing field
17/02/17 21:42
Who? That list looks dusty mate, a bit like digging out the 2003 World Cup.
17/02/17 22:05
Rb , i did have 23 maxed out average 22 year olds before i retired. The list wasnt definitive or exhaustive. It was the big names back in the day when this game started. You have joined and led the elite in recent season, the names i mentioned were merely some of the dominating teams who are still at top level now. No offence intended

Longevity should also be respected.