Training a low level player

16/11/17 10:15
If i'm training a low level player and i don't intend to play him anytime soon, am i right in assuming that if i don't apply the training points and hence don't level him up, he will earn training points faster than if i am applying them each day?
16/11/17 14:29
17/12/17 13:32
Can this be explained?
17/12/17 15:53
The higher rating the player has the "harder" or slower it is to train them.
18/12/17 01:08
Thanks Coach.
20/12/17 22:37
the way i look at it is like in an rpg, at level one you need 10 points per training point, at level two you need 15, at level 3 you need 20, etc , with an initial training giving four points, so 3 trainings give you 1 training point at level one, four are needed at level 2, and 5 at 3, each time you upgrade your training grounds they give 1 more point, so after one upgrade you now get a training point after 2 trainings at level 1, 3 trainings at 2 and 4 at level 3

Note: i don't know the exact figures, these were for explanation purposes only