Message for sa outlaws-war machine.

28/06/18 00:47
Good effort guys, I know it wasn't even close, but still, respect for trying. only 8 unplayed your side and 9 ours, so in 24 hours we played 75/92 matches. Good going. You'll be a guild to be reckoned with before long because your hungry and try to win no matter the odds. Honestly you tried harder than most supposed top guilds, cant fault you. The only way to improve is to try to. Many top 10 guilds could do with a leaf out of your book.
Looking forward to seeing how much stronger you are next meeting.
Till next time, dw.
28/06/18 15:48
28/06/18 18:29
Yes, definitely gave us all they could. Much better than High Tackle who left 37 unplayed GC matches. I believe we won 24-1. So yes, kudos Outlaws!
01/07/18 08:29
That's normal for High Tackle. Only a handful of active players there.