Can't move buildings anymore.

07/11/16 19:36
After the last update, the buildings don't want to move to the different patches of land. What gives?
08/11/16 11:14
What do you mean? What happens when you try to move a building?
Do you get an error message or something?
11/11/16 17:29
No error message

I cannot move my strategy building from the one side of the STD to the other. It wont let me do it by either pressing on the empty space - or dragging it across. Its like there is a field that cannot be crossed that goes diagonally across the screen.

Saying that, its only affecting some building type for me.
24/11/16 01:37
Did you buy a vacant lot first? Maybe you cannot swap spots... you have to do 3 moves to complete
swapping places of two buildings using a vacant lot to help bldg1 vacate for bldg2 to move in.