29/09/18 22:34
Have a great weekend folks
20/04/20 02:46
23/04/20 12:54
Lol I've had two invites from Kingdom of legends as they're now known in the past two weeks things must be getting desperate

23/04/20 14:08
I got an invite from them as well...
It looks like Prince left, the majority of them good players have moved to another game.

My guild Pro Bowlers have been frequently getting invites from them, so it does look like they soon might implode although I hope they won't
There are about 5 Iranian players who recently filled up their spots so it pretty much explains it.
And just recently one Russian player moved to our guild from them, I hope there's no strife within them but idk what's going on there....
25/04/20 16:26
I put one of my teams in there for a couple of seasons the guy running it is useless half of them do sweet F A its a joke of a Guild
27/04/20 02:20
Yeh Shaun they're all dead lol