27/12/18 08:21
Like I said, you send me heals everyday and you have no idea..
Circle of trust..
28/12/18 11:36
Ystradgynlais {AC &WEFC} :

Hull fc Mel :

IOAG played me at 3:54 am, but thats ok because it wasnt Damage, I didn't moan I got on with it, it's only a game afterall.

We all mostly played as soon as the gc started. We even played guys when we knew they were online. For example Wales made a defence against Honey Badger and then I played Wales and not long after Sharkies did. A few played in the morning because they got up to take care of their new borns. But as usual from Damage a very timely calculated attack came on. And what a surprise damage players are swarming on here.

Wow... that's a shame. Would you like a tissue?
28/12/18 11:49
I forgot to cry because Magpies of Its Only a Game played me at 00:45 am when I was sleeping.

But actually I didn't forget, because then I remembered that I play for Damage Inc. and we don't cry. We can take as well as dish out... unlike some cry babies out there.
28/12/18 11:50
Ystradgynlais complete this sentence:
It's only a ......?
28/12/18 14:02
I see i've got under your skin at Damage haha. Happy New year
28/12/18 15:11
Other way around I'd say. Never seen a guild so talked about before in the game lol. But comes with the territory so we dont mind
28/12/18 15:27
Ystradgynlais {AC &WEFC} :

I see i've got under your skin at Damage haha. Happy New year

You seem a very angry person
Small man syndrome maybe?
This is just a game, if you get so mad maybe you should'nt play
28/12/18 18:16
I think i've made my point how poor you are. Look how shit you've done in the league when you've faced people online. I'll say no more. Baglan is playing friendlies against me the guy who is shit at the game as Sean said and not against you amazing players. Oh this is embarrassing.
28/12/18 18:25
Ystrad - not cool - stop.
28/12/18 18:36
ystrad - roid rage, turning its a very hated player so i keep getting told