Player position, upgrades and stats.

22/09/15 23:41

Why are all the upgrade stats that you can enhance your players with exactly the same for forwards and backs? Nr1&3 would place more emphasis on scrumming and lifting players in lineouts, while less empasis will fall on kicking precision etc. The same goes for backilie players who would rather enhance speed and acceleration while leaving scrum stuff out becos forwards are not know as speedsters just as backs aren't really known for scrumming and lineouts.
23/09/15 11:30
You can manually assign training points to the stats you want to improve on each player
23/09/15 13:05
I know you can but not upgrading scrums for my nr 11 will decrease his overall rating in the end.....that is why I ask....cos scrums are quite redundant for this player but yet it affects his overall rating. This also goes for nr 1 & 3 for kicking abilities'd not expect these players to kick in rugby game....and yet again if I don't upgrade this ability it will also drag their overall rating down. Is there a way you as the developers perhaps can fix this.