Player substitution

01/01/16 12:01
Sometimes I would like to substitute a tiring player before he gets injured. How about adding a setting in a player's 'Strategy instruction' to get substituted based on his tiredness level? Or substituted at a certain time. Something like 'substitute with x after y minutes' where x (player) and y (minutes) are drop down boxes. Sometimes tournament games are late at night when I'm asleep and it would help if I don't need to actually watch the game to change things.

02/01/16 15:11
I sometimes want to substitute a player quickly in a game but can't find the substitute fast enough as I have quiet a few players now at about the same level for my busy squad)
Want filter on star level, min and max
Would like filter on skills (e.g. Kick accuracy or line out jump) min and max or max for my level
Also not just filter on position (e.g. 8 or 9) but on department (scrum 1 to 5, back row 11 to 15, etc)