Ruck Foul and Scrum Foul stats

21/06/16 10:32

Should ruck fouls and scrum fouls not also form part of the fouls stat displayed in the match summary after a game?
Strange seeing only one foul being committed but several penalties scored.

Thank you
21/06/16 13:54
I agree but cannot give an answer. Did see it explained once though that when committed in scrum or ruck then it cannot be attributed to a particular individual which, I appreciate, is not that representative of the real game.
21/06/16 15:21
I appreciate it can't be assigned to a player they should maybe make an additional bar on the team stats showing ruck fouls and scrum fouls seperately. I like looking at stats from previous games against specific opponents to see what needs tweeking and with that not showing it clouds changes required a bit.

Plus I'm too lazy to watch the entire game