24/07/16 14:33
Do they read any of the ideas?
There seems to be very little feedback from the developers for the players as far as I can see. As a player I have made a couple of purchases to enhance my situation but find that the constant stream of ideas and questions from players is largely unanswered.
There have been many questions about additional building types, MB, player development, player availability etc
can we get some responses?
24/07/16 22:58
Saw on soccer version they give yellow,red cards during games.would be a defnately positive induction into rugby if this could also be implemented.
Thanks for a great time consuming game but i just love it. Thanks sgain!!
18/08/16 12:45
They have taken our money and run well done rugby manager
20/08/16 01:18
Sublinet = take all there customers money! And give nothing back in return, the customer is always wrong Greedy Pricks