Variable weather

21/10/16 09:43
This sounds like a great idea!

Stuff to actually think about rather than how much MB your opponent is going to dial in.

More variables, more strategic decisions please!!!

Could introduce different conditions every few seasons so new players are not overwhelmed.... Eg calm weather til lvl5, then introduce rain, then wind at lvl10, hot & cold at lvl15, etc...

Surely pretty easy to programme and tricky to solve... Just what the devs should be looking for.
22/10/16 13:14
Taff - International Lions :

Having chatted your response over with a few in the guild and people from other guilds, I think I am pretty safe to say that it's variables and strategy developments that the users are crying out for.

The weather one here is a great example.
If I just stick to international rugby, you can ask any England fan how much they relish the prospect of a 6 nations decider away in Scotland when the freezing winds and storms are about.
Very different from a sun scortched day down under.
Or a trip to altitude in SA
Or indeed an atmosphere in Cardiff with the roof shut.

At club level, the mud bath of Cardiffs old surface v the latest 4G pitch. Can safely say any rugby coach would have to change tactics between those two.

Bristol RFC Away in Jersey playing on what Andy Robinson (wrongly imho lol) described as a potato field (think that was the description)

am sure many of the folk here understand the difference between playing at freezing temps where your fingers and toes are about to drop off v 26 degrees and no wind.

This is a game, and your opening statement was great. This would be fun, it's the rest of the comment that disappoints. Please bring on thousands of parameters.
If your worried about new users finding it difficult to grasp, then perhaps take them on the journey many of us have travelled with your upgrades/

Maybe basic set up to level 9
10-19 have spacings
20-29 have weather
30+ pitch condition

So many options, and so many great ideas all across the forum....
maybe sharing some of sublinets ideas or plans for the next quarters upgrades would also help.
Give the users the carrot to stick with it.

Ramble over, I will now go back and sit back in front of the fire with my ovaltine.


Some really good points raised but do you really think they will listen to the top teams they haven't so far, it still remains more of a building game than a rugby game, the sooner they listen and take on board these excellent ideas the better