A friendly forum for ALL (including the mods), so lets PARK THE BUS......please!

23/02/17 00:01

There is a lot of toxic posts around the forum at the moment and there has clearly been some nastie words said by a few people, I am sure after some reflection some if not all regret saying some if not all. I for one would like a forum that was factual, helpful and most of all funny (like the old days). and not full of drama and he said she said playground rubbish.

Can I ask you all and request that we park this and we move on as this isn't helping anyone and I mean anyone. What we should be doing is trying to move this game forward and put some pressure on the dev team to get some of the much needed changes and I am sure this is why "we" are all frustrated right?

I hear people talking about not using the forums as its full of negativity, is this what we want? I for one don't want this!

Lets grow up and start behaving like adults who like a game of rugby, if your frustrated and need to vent then there is no issue with this as long as its done in a constructive and non abusive manor. This game has been build on being competitive and a togetherness so lets get back to what this game is about and move on please before "we" kill the forum and ultimately the game!

Just have a think about it guys please and before you press enter on your keyboard have a little think as to what it is you want to say and how you want to portray yourself!

Liverpool RFC
23/02/17 08:08
Well said.
23/02/17 09:24
Good shout.
23/02/17 09:28
I am blaming you personally for this Liverpool because I am a rubbish driver and have just driven the bus straight over the lawn in my attempt to park it. Great post by the way.
23/02/17 09:54
Thumbs up. LRFC for Moderator.
23/02/17 12:37
Well said
23/02/17 13:21
Karl Morris :

Well said

This is for your comment Liverpool.
24/02/17 14:46
I agree but we need a change of admin Along with many others have sent a ticket to this effect.
24/02/17 15:41
Man from delmonte please stop the last 24 hours the forum has been a happy place but you are digging up old ground again
24/02/17 15:59
Just stating a point of view without being antagonistic my good friend.