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12/01/18 12:15
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Heard a lot suggest that Guild ranking should be done on Guild Challenge victories, why not come to a compromise and create a seperate ranking so you can see both highest fans and highest amount of victories in Guild Challenges

2 seperate tabs saying "Most fans" and "Most GvG Victories"

What do you think?

Thanks, Leader of Hawaii Try-0

12/01/18 12:36
This sounds ok, there would be no way to catch the highest guilds though. We are ranked 212 at the mo but have only had 20 wins as we are pretty new. For newer guilds it would be disheartening if they switched soley to how many wins you have had, Arena of Champions aint gonna lose their next 300 GvG to give us a chance to catch up, ha ha! So a compromise of 2 different standings as you suggest is a good idea.
12/01/18 14:17
Also, it would encourage people to not grow fans so they could avoid good guilds. There have been several guilds on here say they are a top guild because they haven't lost a gvg but their fan avg is 150k. When they get big enough to pull true guilds they can t win to save their life.
12/01/18 15:54
Thats why I said keep the fans ranking but do a seperate ranking for GvG wins.
12/01/18 18:42
I agree with this, besides... People will maybe decide to commit to one guild.