Steelers are recruiting

13/05/18 19:18
Steelers are looking for new members or possible a guild merger, we are guild looking to build and have a wide variety of skilled level of teams. We are mostly Welsh guild but all are welcome to join
14/05/18 01:11
'Welsh Wizzards'
15/05/18 07:24
Hi Kevin, we are in the same boat as you (Dirty Ruckers) . We are 15 with 1 inactive looking to recruit or merge. Our teams range with most In the 190’s up to 340. So we have 11 spare places in our guild and would honour all current ranks and would also merge the guild names. Would you be interested?

David ( munster)
16/05/18 21:48
Hi David, I pass the info onto our guild and let you know.