Merger Proposition

15/05/18 16:02
We are a smaller Aus Guild and were wondering if there is another smaller guild who would like to merg with us. Your leader would stay leader. We are called Emu. If you want to discuss this I am Wombats. Look me up and we can sort it. And get back in the Challenge again.
15/05/18 22:23
I'm in a guild called Steelers we are from Wales and have 15 teams, we would be interested in a
My team is carms, our guild leader sent invitation out to all your members, if one of you joins the guild we could discuss the way forward.
16/05/18 00:06
Hi Murray, we have 10 slots free in Dirty Ruckers. Would be delighted if you would join us. Active but Very laid back group, bit of a mix of nations but all friendly.
I’m David ( munster). Hope we can work something out?
19/05/18 08:51
We are happy to take your guild in our guild because we are losing two teams today and will be down to 21 teams only. Thanks. Guild is the The International Ruckers