Message to Peanut Butta

05/03/20 18:25
Hey PB,
Hope you re well.

In case you want to Join us at Assassin’s Creed, let me know.. we can create a space for you.
Really nice guild.. very helpful.. had a nice welcome. would be great to have you here.

PS: Orlok offered to give you a hug if you join... It smells love..

06/03/20 14:57
Taking a sabbatical - will play you, when ready (hopefully there will still be space).
06/03/20 16:38
Perfect!! Enjoy the sabbatical... We will keep a space for you... We have kwagga’s junior team in the guild and can move it to the junior guild at any point..
Just let me know whenever you re ready...
Would be really good to have you there.
18/03/20 14:11
Hey Peanut,
Still enjoying your sabbatical? Hope everything s fine on your side.
We have created a space for you.. and are waiting for you to join..
(Orlok is waiting for his daily advices from you )