Rugby manager development team

23/02/19 13:47
Seriousfun :

No updates should be released until they are ready for all game platforms. ipad users still cant auto sub even though this has been live for all other platforms for almost a week. major disadvantage for a lot of users.

The update was out yesterday. If you haven’t had a notification, find the game in the App Store and you should see the update button.
24/02/19 01:21
This was a problem with ios not with sweetnitro
24/02/19 01:38
Melbourne Storm :

This was a problem with ios not with sweetnitro

I’ve just updated to the latest iOS on my iPad and I can still only substitute at 29 mins maximum. Surely this cannot be right or am I missing something?
24/02/19 03:42
seems once you've set your strats for different typed of matches, you can't switch to a different strat mid match anymore, just tried in a few different match types and it didn't work in any
06/03/19 17:37
That's a backward step if you can't change strategy mid game. It's a little more realistic , especially if a team is stronger than you ,then that's the point of "Rugby management" not just having a strong side.
I'm on iPad and don't have the availability to auto sub. Now I know why as explained earlier.
28/03/19 09:02
Upgrade and land costs need to be cheaper. Game play is horrible, need bigger rewards, daily sign in bonus, the game hasn't changed much since I first started playing it a few years back hence why I deleted it and only just redownloaded it.