response about stupid formations

06/07/16 14:33
So apparently the idiot devs think their match engine works well and they support the 8 strikers formations. Here's what they responded to me:

"Good day,

We do our best to avoid weird strategies take advantage on realistic ones.
In this particular game, your opponent's team was approximately as strong as yours and the final score is tight.

The Football Champions 2 support team"

They're either too proud to admit people are mugging off their game by exploiting their weak code or they're too stupid to know 8 strikers 1 mid and 1 defender wouldn't work in a football match.
07/07/16 16:41
It is clear that they dont have the solution for this right now ...but it is easy. if goalkeepers can clear the ball without problems, then this option should be given to defenders too.

I'm not a programmer, but I think it would not be hard too implement free passing from players in the own penalty area.

09/07/16 18:26
I was wondering if old tactics from the 50's are considered "weird" in this game.

Inspired by M. Tabarez, coach of the Uruguayan team, I'm using 10 players "hanging from the net" and a loose player up front (normally that would be Luis Suarez but I can't rename my players yet). The tactic is called "Pelotazo" and it works quite well (some tuning to do yet).

It's ugly, it's weird and it's quite ineffective in real life when playing against good teams.


14/07/16 19:19
Players out of his position need to loses performance!!!
05/08/16 23:33
it's simple for me you just introduce the offside rule that would sort a lot of the Iranians tactics out who play like that but I'm all for playing any style you can still win these people you just need to think about it a bit more.