Preventing Injury

20/10/15 17:51
Can someone provide some advice on preventing injuries. There must be an individual strategy that makes a player less susceptible to injury, my 10 has been injured for 6 days 4 times in the last week and a half! He cost me a lot so I need to keep him fit!
20/10/15 20:24
You can upgrade his toughness under defense skills. Safe tackle also helps a bit
27/10/15 14:47
Safe tackle prevents you from causing injuries not getting them, set your hands off aggressiveness lower, thats the main cause of injuries if your guys dont have the skills to avoid injuries
27/10/15 16:49
What is your rythem in your strategy settings?
27/10/15 17:16
In-game help :

Safe tackle: Ability to perform a tackle without making fouls.