Match bonus

17/03/17 10:13
Just an idee take away the match bonus to make the game more dont have match bonus in real life its more like match fixing now hahahaha.take away match bonus then it will be more interesting and realistic.
17/03/17 15:22
been suggested many a time they don't listen. Apparently it adds to the excitement of the game as games are less predictable somehow I know joke of a response but that was the reply I got. It's a bit like the sports shop TBH
18/05/17 15:32
Yeah it is so exciting when some scrawny little MB user leaves you with 3-4 3d injuries after a game that they used MB in.
18/05/17 20:06
Shaun Gray :

3-4 3d injuries after a game that they used MB in.

Mmmm. I think you need to look more closely at your player attributes before blaming MB.
18/05/17 20:45
Nice cop out response. I have no issues at all with injuries until a team uses MB against me. It is obvious to see when teams are using it from match stats.
19/05/17 02:03
Colts and I disagree on as much or more than we agree about, but not all strategies are made the same for injuries
19/05/17 02:24
Yup as Colts and black monks say it comes down to strats i have had one injury this year
19/05/17 17:41
Well if they say it then it must be true, eh!?

Wait until you come up against lower rated teams who use high MB in league games, your injuries will start piling up. Note how I stated lower level teams. I have no issues with injuries against similar or higher rated teams. It is only the ones much lower who are clearly using MB to get where they are.
19/05/17 17:57
Your experiences have been experienced by others including us, keep digging in strat and the day you succeed will be great...and then the day changes occur again will be that much more frustrating. But the game is far more complex than some like to think. It's what keeps many of us addicted even though we want to put the game down..we just cant
19/05/17 19:13
Hahahahhaha I know the game, punch above my weight every single season and GC. It is all down to my tactics. That doesn't take away from the fact that MB causes injuries, if you can't accept that fact well that is tough.