Reinstate bluenooners.

18/04/18 21:00
I was banned for two weeks once because the moderators thought I was someone else’s alternative account. You really don’t have to do anything wrong to get banned from here - You just have to say something that certain people don’t agree with, contradicts their own view or paints their buddies in a bad light. Others, it would seem can say what they like when they like about whomever they like, and their mates will ensure nothing ever comes of it.

Ho hum....
18/04/18 21:47
I had forgotten all about that one, you just made me laugh. This forum was utterly chaotic then. Everyone had legitimate complaints against everyone else and also illegimate complaints against everyone else. a false accusations or sarcastic statement taken seriously could result in all sorts of unforseeable outcomes.
19/04/18 00:16
So it appears to be mob rules in this forum then. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others...
19/04/18 00:58
Four legs good two legs better?
22/04/18 13:25
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i love this game.