USA Rugby Union I & II WE WANT YOU!

07/06/19 04:30
USA Rugby Union I and II are looking for fine, good men/women, or at least eager yanks to join us. We are hands down the best US guild in the game, but we want more. We are striving to get to the top 20 and sustain there. We will help develop your team and game. Our feeder guild is open, so join there, and if you are good enough for the main guild; we'll move you up. Looking forward to helping you out, and make the game fun and competitive
02/07/19 05:05
Moving up the charts. There's not too many good ones out there, but we would love to have nrl raiders, SEAWOLVES and Westside Condors. We currently have the best US guild, now trying to complete the mission. We also have a feeder guild that could use 5 actives. Regardless of level, as long as you are active we will help you.