Academy Cymru

07/07/19 17:09
We are looking for active players any level; we have a fair play policy when playing GC by imposing a 12 hour rule on the 1st game played like most other guilds. All you need to do if interested is either message me here and I will check when I can; or play my main team Taffy's Dragons twice.
The other thing we do is from a Friday afternoon to Sunday evening we run our own 3 mini-league comp with promotion and relegation and from Monday to Friday a knock out comp too. So if interested do as I explain above thxs.
09/07/19 14:13
I can highly recommend this Guild to anyone looking for a good challenge, good banter and lots of help from nice guys with bags of experience.

P.S. TD, I hope you are well and Taffy is still religiously going to "church"
09/07/19 18:36
Thxs for that mate and yes to both I'm ok and Taffy the same just a little quieter since rejoining lol