F***ing Joke

03/02/18 23:22
I have put up with the complaints of my own guild mates and guilds i have contact with but enough is enough they call this a football game but all they do is please mostly Iranian teams and a few others flying different flags because they are they main pay master but there is totally no skill in that i have seen so many real good players quit this game because the developers just can't be bothered to sort out this problem i'm going to play till the end of this season if i don't see a proper reply from the game makers i am going to quit the game taking my 4 teams and 3 guilds out of the game totally pissed of with lame excuses
04/02/18 07:17
whats up mate and shame as yours is a good team , I'm struggling to make subs and having problems with when succesful it; subbing off thewrong player usually my best one but other than that pretty orite
04/02/18 13:02
just fed up mate the game makers don't give a shit only if your iranian lol its more like table tennis and most the guys in my guilds are fed the only thing they really enjoy is the mini league comp i set up on weekends cos they now all teams are playing fair and using real tactics to try and play the game properly other wise league; tourny's and gc are fix to suit the iranians cos they spend all the money
04/02/18 14:05
i agree it's more like ping pong than football i've got a formation atm it works but it would never work in real life and one of my guild members just got beat 19-2 by someone 2 levels lower how by the no goalkeeper trick just need to ban that formation it would never work in real life .If I set that up i'd get told to make it more realistic formation twice i've had my settings screwed over when using an iranian formation and when I asked why they'd screwed my settings over the response i got was gooday try putting your formation to a more realistic setting nothing about how iranians are using the same formation as the one i setup like I know how they do it yet if your not iranian your not allowed to use the tactic wtf they don't want people to cheat yet they've been doing it for months.

Be a great shame to lose you but fully can understand it if you do call it a day,
04/02/18 16:32
yes i totally agree i think it must be iranians running the game lol with any luck they will read this and ban me lol as for the no goalie formation yes i've had a few teams play me nd when i was off the other day tried working out a new formation that works nd nearly cracked it got to try it a bit more if i get it working properly i let u know nd it be the 1st tactic i've done by my self lol
04/02/18 19:30
Ashley Its in the laws of Football you have to start with a Min of 7 players one of which must be the goalkeeper so Sweet Nitro have no excuse at all for allowing that

Which ofvyour teams was it & who did they play I would like to have a look at it

04/02/18 21:50
Marand FC Level 50 VS El fronton Level 52

Score ended 19-2 to Marand FC game played 12:40 on the 4/2/18
04/02/18 22:06
or go into my guild find my 2nd team Newport County nd i played a team 3 times today against a team with no goalie
04/02/18 22:08
just had a look at that game ash shows how muck this games a joke
04/02/18 23:26
Ash is the English Iranian, no??? Lol. Only jokes. Don't dip to their level, win or lose, take a little time out Ian and just come back for your guild mates. Game is stupid we know this already, #stupidtacticswork, but sod it, check in when you fancy it regardless of results. No hard feelings - and Wales did bloody well v Scotland!