F***ing Joke

05/02/18 00:01
hahahaha MK I guess you could call me the english iranian MK I'm actually enjoying watching iranians fail to my tactics i had one guy friendly me until I gave him a win in friendly made it look legit only gave him 1 goal so score looked sensible and then destroyed him for friendlying my team with different settings and formation in league
05/02/18 00:02
Like my account is level 54 but have taken down one Level 57 one 59 and a 62 in GC's this season
05/02/18 10:57
Ian I don't know what guild you are in

Ashley thanks watched it what a bloody joke
05/02/18 21:03
Thxs mk means alot from some one like you we don't always see eye to eye but i respect you; and shaun its Tim Cymru