taking the piss in guild challenges

18/01/21 16:08
Can folk cut out this play to lose strategy,
it is disrespectful to the guild you are playing.
either play the game correctly or give it a rest,
STOP playing those stupid childish guild strats,
have at least some respect for other guilds and play the game as it should be played,
how are other guilds to improve if the opponents feel they are no worth playing to win against.
Show some respect folks please.
From now on we won't play any guild that plays the stupid losing formations.. they can have the win without any opposition . we only want a fair and respectful game. none of this losing crap game.
Rant over...
18/01/21 21:20
They dont do it to take the mickey out of your guild they do it to benefit there own guild and the members inside that guild by leaving a few open means they can all make cash for upgrades but if they kill the cash cow nobody else in that guild can play . you also get a bit extra yourself if your the chosen cash cow and get added fans every time someone chooses to lose to you. Personally i've no issues with it by the time people are using lose strats they've already wiped out over 20plus members of the oppostion guild so if you wish to learn to become better then just view the games you lost and another piece of advice I'd give to any guild is don't just help your strong members help your lesser members as well then you get the depth of squad and will be able to do that yourself and won't lose out as often
24/01/21 12:32
Dead Right Ashley