Tournament that should have been played already

02/01/16 08:06
Hi there! I want to draw your attention to a tournie game that was supposed to be played at 00h33 this morning (EET time) and seems to be in a continuous loop as of now. If I look at the other scores in the same tournie, they all reflect 0-0....
02/01/16 09:28
I am affected by one that was meant to be played at 22:06 GMT last night. I now cannot start any new matches until this old one is cleared.
02/01/16 10:06
I'm the same tournament and championship games not played all show 0-0
02/01/16 10:11
There is a few of us effected by this. And it's not the first time it's happened. Seems to happen after updates.
02/01/16 10:22
I was supposed to play 11 hours ago
And now a championship just now, can't play any of them
02/01/16 11:28
My tournament game hasn't been played and can't play other games. Please help