guild recruitment

14/01/16 21:49
I have just started my 2nd season and have built my team and buildings to a good level I wondered how you get invited into a guild as I have tried to join a couple earlier but it says you need to be invited to join? So how do i get noticed by a guild ? Should there be a thread for guild recruitment? Cheers
15/01/16 09:41
Join my guild operation repo
15/01/16 14:49
Do you have a guild tower?
15/01/16 19:41
You will need to be lvl7 to get your guild hall
18/01/16 12:32
Hi thanks for the answers I have built a guild.
22/01/16 18:21
Anyone else have spots in guilds
29/01/16 00:58
Go to War Dogs guild, boys share heals and have a bit of banter. 7 spots available as anyone who doesn't get involved are removed.
01/02/16 22:39
Cheers Arwyn but I need an invite
06/02/16 11:37
I've opened it up for you Jeff.