Tournament glitch

15/01/16 23:51
All games in the tournament 0-0. No $800,000 for the match. Getting very very very boring now
16/01/16 00:23
16/01/16 02:18
me 2
16/01/16 02:18
me 2
16/01/16 02:35
this is the 2nd time this has happened to me. i am losing time to my competitors. will there be any compensation for those that lost time?
16/01/16 10:36
Yea, pretty poor. Second time its happened to me and I'll be honest. If it happens again then I'd be forcd to pack it in as the game is ficked
16/01/16 10:44
Same here. It happened before. Thought it was fixed. 0-0 tournament and my c
hat messages coming up unread each time I log in.
16/01/16 13:23
They are having server problems again. Guess it happens when you use servers that are 20 years old.
16/01/16 14:02
16/01/16 14:33
Boring when u can't play the game. Find the root cause and fix it please