Come on ADMIN , just remove MB from GVG ,Stop ignoring us !!

16/02/16 21:21
You say to list our opinions in the forum only to be ignored
17/02/16 00:30
I did see a post by someone on an older thread and he posted that he had spoken to the support telephone line and they confirmed that they have no immediate plan to remove match bonus
17/02/16 16:20
It's nigh on impossible to win a gvg when playing teams of a decent level .. Match bonus needs removing or its impact reducing
19/02/16 07:48
If match bonuses are removed let's also have a limit on squad sizes, say 30 players, and limit on subs played in a match. That would make the game fairer as well.
I'm not a fan of the match bonus and think it should be limited but having 100 player squads and excessive subbing isn't exactly fair either.