Practice game opponents...

18/08/16 21:25
Ok, so I try to increase my supporter count b playing practice games, but the teams that appear in my area are all significantly higher in * rating than me. Not a bit, by a good 10* average.

I'm level 20 and 84* my suggested opponents all higher than me (when there are teams there as sometimes it takes days to increase from one or two teams.
I spent a day playing lower ranked teams to get training points and increase spectator count only for the slots to remain empty for days, then refilled by much higher ranked teams...

Now I know that other teams get lower rated teams beacuse several times a day I find that I've been chosen for practice matches by teams with 10* and 20* average higher ratings and a few league rankings higher, get beaten, lose all the fans I've been working hard to increase.

Now I can handle being a whipping boy now and again if I thought I could do the same to recoup my fan losses, but it really doesn't seem to be the case. How does that work then?
18/08/16 22:52
Teams are matched by number of fans rather than strength of players. Do you have a level 20 or 21 stadium?
18/08/16 23:03
You need to get smart with who you bring in, in transfers. I suggest you spend 20 mins or so going through every position putting a bid of 1 on every player with a higher skill level than your current players. I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised what you get. I just restarted my seconds from almost nothing at level 24 (all there was 7* players) and I managed to pick up 20 100* (and slightly +) for 20 coins in total...